How Can Sport Bring Peace in Troubled Communities?

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Sport is a global language. It is often only regarded as a medium of entertainment and professionalism, but the fact is that sport, although indirectly, aims and works towards certain other factors, one among which is peace-building. The latter being of a major importance in troubled communities, sport can thus be brought into play. At its best, sport can unite people, no matter what their origin, background, religious belief or economic status. This global language also has the ability to cross cultures, thus enabling sport-related programmes to overpass social and ethnic divides within communities. Hence, such communities will provide a sustainable channel to befitting human development and proper social integration. To begin, troubled communities are those stricken by civil disorder or conflict within their borders and deprived of social stability. The indicators of such communities include war, racial discrimination, high prevailing crime rate, terrorism, corruption amongst many others. As a result of such phenomena, a large proportion of the country’s economic resources are destroyed. Human resources, natural resources and man-made resources perish altogether- essential public institutions break down, food supplies become deficient, poverty increases and families break down causing the country’s socio-economic situation to droop. Therefore, in such communities wherein the populations are victimised of social tension and conflict and the

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