How College Student Inventory Turn Out

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How did my college student inventory turn out to where I think I am actually at today? This examination turned out pretty well to what I am actually. There is a few I disagree with but, I don’t think it is totally wrong. This examination actually shocked me in a couple areas how exact it was to me from a questionnaire it could tell you all of this. The examination surpassed my thought of taking these multiple questions that had no point, but actually pin pointed me pretty closely. The areas that were the strongest for me on the College Student Inventory was, Math and Science, Attitude Towards Educators, Family Emotional Support, Sense of Financial Security and Academic Assistance. Now the math and science goes along with the attitude toward educators. Both of these were high because my mom was my math teacher and I respected all my teachers. I saw firsthand all the crap they got and stuff students tried on them. I just did what I was told and got along great with my teachers. If they respected me, I respected them back, I believe respect is just like a two way street. Family Support and Financial Security also go together for me. My parents taught me to be tight and careful with my money. Always plan for if something happens you will be fine and can take it and not affect you to bad. Also the biggest thing is not to stretch myself out with loans and have showed me to save up and pay cash and how much you will pay in interest. Lastly is the Academic assistance,
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