How Companies Manipulate and Violate Advertising Laws

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How Companies Manipulate and Violate Advertising Laws One of the professional arenas which has the great burden and challenge when it comes to advertising are tobacco companies. This is largely because of the fact that these companies are saddled with heavy legal restrictions on where and how they can advertise. However, tobacco companies have proven themselves to be extremely cunning and to be quite crafty when it comes to putting their formidable advertising budgets to good use. For instance, the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) was a stipulation made valid in 1998 as the result of a lawsuit brought against four tobacco companies by 46 states which deemed that the tobacco industry had to pay billions of dollars per year to these states. However, more interestingly enough, the MSA forced several serious restrictions on the way that tobacco companies could advertise. For example, it has been well-documented that tobacco companies have targeted youth and have worked hard to gain the attention and interest of adolescents and teenagers in an attempt to have lifelong customers. "Researchers have demonstrated a strong link between tobacco promotion and the decision by adolescents to begin smoking, and that brands popular among adolescents advertise more heavily in magazines with high youth readership. After the introduction of the Joe Camel ad campaign in the late 1980s the market share of Camel cigarettes in the teen market increased at least 20-fold, and the previous decline
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