How Content Marketing Is A Big Part Of Business Strategy

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Content marketing is a big part of business strategy in 2016. More and more companies are creating content as an official marketing channel. There’s this premise that it if everyone is doing it, it must be working. But what is the ROI? Will content marketing work for you? How do you track it? The key to any good marketing campaign is being able to measure the results in real dollars. If you can’t do that, there’s no way of actually knowing if what you’re doing is profitable. Sadly, many small businesses don’t track ROI on most of their advertising. They just don’t understand or don’t have the capabilities to do it. They’re not alone. Even large businesses struggle with ROI sometimes. According to the Content Marketing Institute 's…show more content…
The large majority of those businesses have no idea if it’s working or what they’re actually getting in return for their money. However, they do know they’ll spend more time, resources and money creating content in the next year. Does this sound like your company? The good news is that you’ll soon be miles ahead of the companies that are bumping around in the dark: You’re about to find out how to measure your ROI on your content marketing. goal ROI Define The Goal It’s extremely hard to determine what your ROI is without knowing a little more about your sales funnel. More specifically, the last part of that funnel: what is the end goal? This is usually what generates the revenue. Your content marketing strategy could be as simple as sales, or it could be as complex as using content to move people to the next portion of the sales funnel. Whatever your conversion goal is, defining it is step 1. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to keep it simple and directly tie content to sales to show how measuring it can work. However, if you’re using content to achieve another goal: growing a leads list, moving people through the sales funnel, or getting data – just replace the dollar amount with your metric of choice. For some people that sell a simple product or service, it’s really easy to look at the sales numbers and know if they’re going up to down. For others that have multi-faceted business with many sales channels and product lines, it’ll be a little
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