Human Dynamics-Motivation, Attitude, Perception Assignment

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HUMAN DYNAMICS ASSIGNMENT-1 INTRODUCTION ATTITUDE: IS AN EVALUATIVE STATEMENTS OR JUDGEMENTS CONCERNING OBJECTS, PEOPLE OR EVENTS. It consists of following 3 components – * COGNITIVE COMPONENT OF ATTITUDE: It means opinion or belief segment of an attitude. * AFFECTIVE COMPONENT OF ATTITUDE: It means emotional or feeling segment of an attitude. * BEHAVIORAL COMPONENT OF ATTITUDE: It means an intention to behave in a certain way towards someone or something. Some of the major job attitudes are: * JOB SATISFACTION * JOB INVOLVEMENT * ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENT * PERCEIVED ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT * EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT PERSONALITY: IT CAN BE DESCRIBED AS SUM TOTAL WAYS IN WHICH…show more content…
In case of Aman job profile requiring aggressive sales dealing would be most suitable. * Motivation by the management about handling conflicting situations by such personality workers. * Conducting employees psychometric and personality tests in the organizations and providing them proper counselling and guidance. 3] MOTIVATION: Mr Talwar who had been working for company Accenture as a consultant for last 2 years was earning a handsome salary of 2 Lks per month. He is considered to be hardworking and productive employee .However, his colleagues always find him to be dissatisfied and irritated. His juniors always complain about his short tempered nature and over aggressiveness in his speech. After 3 months new Vice Chancellor joins the organization. After going through the performance review and scores of Mr Talwar he decided to meet him and tried to find reasons for his job dissatisfaction. The reason was huge financial loans on Mr Talwar which was making him dissatisfied with his current salary. After discussing the matter with other board of directors and reviewing the annual work performance of Mr Talwar, senior management decided to give him salary appraisal. This motivated Mr Talwar to perform better and gave him job satisfaction. Ways which could have been used to motivate the employee’s productivity: * Guide

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