How Did Gregor Mendel Changed The World Of Genetics

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Gregor Mendel was born in Austria of 1822. His parents were mostly farmers where he spent most of his time outside. He became very interested in plants, trees, and fruits. As Mendel grew older, he became an Augustinian monk and a botanist. A botanist is a person who studies in the field of plants. (“Early Life” 2016 para 3) During this time, Mendel was able to conduct his famous experiment. His work was not confirmed until the 1900’s when three scientists, Erich Tschermak, Hugo de Vries, and Carl Correns verified it. This was the beginning of Mendel’s experiment that changed the world of genetics forever (“Gregor Mendel” 2003-2016, para 3). Mendel chose to use pea plants for his experiment because they reproduce quickly, he developed laws …show more content…

Mendel’s first law was the Laws of Dominance. The Laws of Dominance stated that a pair of inheritance traits will be dominant and the other recessive. (“Law of Dominance” n.d., para 13). The Laws of Segregation described the actions of the alleles that make up a gene during the formation of gametes. (“Mendel’s Laws” n.d., para 8) Mendel’s two laws were that organisms inherit two copies of each gene, one from each parent. The other law was that organisms donate only one copy of each gene in the gametes. These are important because scientists now can determine the sequences of DNA and access this information in a matter of …show more content…

Our hair color is determined on how our parents hair color is. For example, if both of your parents were homozygous dominant for brown hair, the probability of your hair color to be brown is one hundred percent which also makes you homozygous dominant. Yet, if one of the parents were heterozygous for blonde hair, the child would have a possibly chance to have blonde hair instead of brown. But in order to figure out why we have similar characteristics as our parents and siblings, Mendel decided to use a punnett square to see the different offspring. Instead of finding why we have similar characteristics as our family, Mendel tested this on pea plants instead. He crossed tall and short pea plants of the parents to see the first generation of children. In order to do this, he used an abbreviated allele code for tall (TT) and another for short (tt). The punnett square helped give us a visual picture of what Mendel was doing which supported Mendel’s Law of Dominance. In conclusion, Mendel chose to use pea plants for his experiment because they reproduce quickly, he developed laws that formed the foundation of modern genetics, and he chose different traits to help support the idea of his experiment. Mendel’s experiment is important because we can see why traits skip generations and how others are getting discrete traits. His experiment is also important in the development of inheritance and genetics because

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