How Did Joseph Bruce Ismay Survive The Titanic

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The “unsinkable” Titanic took an unexpected turn on its voyage and left few survivors to tell about it. The Titanic was said to be very high-quality, but the crew proved themselves wrong soon after the voyage set off. One passenger, Mr. Joseph Bruce Ismay, was on the ship when the tragedy took place. Did he survive? With much carelessness, the crew of the Titanic ignored all warning messages due to confidence in the ship; consequently, they were not so confident when they found themselves rushing to passengers’ rescue. One passage, R.M.S. Titanic, by Hanson W. Baldwin, tells about the sequence of unfortunate events. The ship took 3 years to build and with much careful construction, many thought that the ship was, in fact, unsinkable.…show more content…
Joseph Bruce Ismay, that must have been very high in society. He was born at Crosby, near Liverpool, on December 12, 1862. He was educated at Elstree School and Harrow and when he left Harrow, he was tutored in France for an additional year. After being tutored in France, he went to Thomas Ismay’s office for four years. He then went on a year round tour of the world. When he returned, he was then recruited to go to work at White Star Line’s office for a further year; he was appointed the company’s agent at the end of that year. Ismay accompanied many ships on their voyages and “the Titanic was no exception.” On April 10, 1912, he boarded the Titanic with his valet, his secretary, and was also “assisted by Ernest Freeman who unlike the other employees was listed as a crew member.” He survived the sinking of the Titanic; “Ismay was rescued from the Titanic in Collapsible C.” Why did Ismay survive? Ismay was the White Star Line’s company agent. He was most likely first class. However, he was a male. He actually was one of the men helping the women and children board the rescue boats. “Ismay, still in dressing gown, calls for women and children, handles lines, ...” He was acting as part of the crew. He is most likely someone’s
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