How Did Kotoku Change

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Kotoku was born in 1871 in rural Tosa and matured in the hectic reform years of the Meiji period. During his maturity, Japan was undergoing changes that lead to impending dangers. The years of the Meiji Restoration in 1868 changed from feudal system of the Edo period to a compulsory system of equal education and enlistment to the army. Japan underwent intense reforms that changed its social, political, and economic aspects. The reforms shook the foundations of the dying regime and gave birth to a new society. The social Caste system was toppled, and the day to day lives of the Japanese changed with a revolution. This achievement was shortly thereafter betrayed by the ruling party. The ruling elite’s imperialistic pursuit was viewed as a betrayal to the Meiji Restoration. The revolution promised a fair society in submission of universal ideals. While in Tosa, Kotoku was educated in the new educational system and its new political ideals, which had opened up due to radical Meiji reforms. He was known as a socialist and anarchist because of his distaste towards the political leaders as he felt betrayed by the promise of the Meiji restoration. The revolution became a restoration of the past and reinstated the emperor as the one true ruler. Kotoku believed in completing the revolution that had…show more content…
Kotoku did not want the revolution to be remembered as an incomplete task and unrealized promises. It was imperative to complete the revolution to move forward for future generation and for Japan as a whole. Kotoku did not want Japans Revolution to be like the French Revolution, in which it failed to carry out its promise for liberty, equality, and fraternity. In that respect, he supported the Freedom and Popular Rights Movement which would grant control over the government to the popular
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