How Did The Abuse Start?

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How did the abuse start? Because surely, if it was apparent from day 1 you would have walked away. How long had you guys been together when it began and what were the first signs of abuse that you noticed?
The abuse started many years before the first blow to my head. As a child, I grew up watching my mother being abused. Until she finally got tired and ran and took us with her, this was my idea of normalcy.
It was about 2 months before the verbal and emotional abuse appeared in my relationship. I wanted to walk away but I was afraid. The first signs were him telling me what to and what not to wear, where to o not to go. Then the physical abuse came in.
It was like I was in prison. I could not move without him knowing my whereabouts. He was like this even when I went to work. My life was also constantly threatened. He said if I told anyone, not only would I be killed, but my family would also.

A lot of people are under the assumption that people who endure abuse come from abusive families. Was that your case?
This is certainly true in my case. I did endure seeing my mother being abused. It is a learned behavior. I always thought that since it was only verbal and mental abuse, that it was somehow ok because he wasn 't hitting me at that point. Somehow didn 't know that these things are signs of abuse as well.
I witnessed the screaming, things breaking, and her being hospitalized for days at a time. The bruises, and the screams and the yelling… it was traumatizing.
A lot

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