How Did The Change Jimmy Valentine's Life

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Jimmy Valentine changed his troubled life of robbery for someone he loved, imagine trying to do that. Before moving to Elmore, Jimmy Valentine was a burglar. He was sentenced to four years in jail. But was released after a short ten months. After being released, Jimmy moved to a little town named Elemore to start a new life with his love Annabel. Furthermore, Jimmy Valentine was truly dedicated to living a moral life by trying to leave his past behind him, making an effort to be honest, and by keeping his promises.

First, Jimmy Valentine wanted to let go of his old life and start a new life. In addition Jimmy said, “I know you'll be glad to get them-- you couldn't duplicate the lot for a thousand dollars.”(O.Henry, 4). In the quote, Jimmy was talking about selling his prized tools that he used for theft, so he could really start a new life with Annabel. Also when Jimmy registered for a hotel room in Elmore, he used a name Ralph D. Spencer instead of Jimmy Valentine. Jimmy even became a whole new person in an effort to start a new life. Next, in a letter to a friend Jimmy said, “I wouldn't touch another man's money now for a million”(O.Henry, 4). …show more content…

As Agatha, Annabel's niece, was trapped in the new bank vault, Annabel begged Jimmy to do something to help Agatha. Again, Jimmy kept his promise and safety got Agatha out of the vault, even though Jimmy had to reveal his true identity. For instance, in Jimmy's letter to his old friend he mentioned, “...I want to make you a present of my kit of tools.”(O.Henry, 4). Jimmy wanted to give his old tools to his friend, and keep his promise. But after Agatha got trapped he needed to use them and miss the meeting. In similar fashion, when Jimmy explained that he would never take others money. Jimmy was keeping his promise to himself that he wouldn't go back to his old ways, as long as he was with Annabel. In the end, Jimmy is now keeping promises to others but also to

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