How Different Cultures Deal With Death

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As humans we understand that unfortunately part of life, is indeed death. We have one chance on this Earth to find meaning and to fulfill our wishes and desires. With that being said each and every person chooses to deal with death in different ways. In chapter three one of the most interesting topics we learned and discussed about was how the Chinese culture dealt with the passing of their loved ones in ancient times. The Chinese held the belief that their ancestors went to a place like heaven and once they reached that destination their ancestors became mediators between heaven and Earth. For this reason the Chinese made graves for their loved ones in which they would often bring food and wine as offerings and they even went as far into making sacrifices for their ancestors.…show more content…
Different religious and cultures honor death in different ways. My culture deals with death by holding a funeral, in which we celebrate and honor the life and accomplishments of the person who has left us. We often try to make the funeral as positive as possible, by saying things like “Carol would have wanted us to be happy. She wouldn’t have wanted to have all the people she loved and cared for, crying because of
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