How Do Drugs Affect Our Body And Society?

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How do drugs affect our body and society? The alteration caused by consumption of these psychoactive ingredients that has affected human mental state and society state is as old as history. It is only in the past decade that documentation of the severity has been analysed, however it is fair to say that not only have drugs caused this, but not human excessiveness? I wish to analyse the effects of certain drugs where Derrida has written extensively about. As Derrida explains drugs; “it is pure simulacrum, with no material essence; yet, this simulacrum is the basis of historical memory, of knowledge, of truth, and hence, of material power”1. The purpose of this segment is to establish two specific points that is of concerning nature, but also of common nature as well. The first is that drugs are hazardous, dangerous and addicting. Deadly. However drugs are also beneficial, needed and required in today’s life2. Secondly, drug abuse is the key factor in increasing crime rate. It is common law that drugs are illegal. Hence drug abusers themselves are criminals, indicative that some will kill or steal to get a quick “fix” culminating in drug use “ripping apart the social fabric”. Yet, drugs such as alcohol and tobacco are socially and lawfully acceptable, whereas drugs such as cocaine and marijuana are not, yet they both have severe adverse effects. The verbalisation that "drugs are hazardous" is ridiculous from a literal standpoint. A kilogram of arsenic is no more hazardous
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