Our Criminal Justice System Has Undoubtedly Failed To Effectively

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Our criminal justice system has undoubtedly failed to effectively deal with the issue of illegal drugs use, and to address the underlying issues of problematic drug users. Surely, the use of illegal drugs does not belong in the criminal justice system, but is a matter that needs to be dealt with from a public health perspective. As Toby Seddon Articulates:
The concept of ‘drugs’, as we understand it today, is a regulatory construct that was invented at the beginning of the 20th century as part of the creation of the international prohibition regime. Substances that come under this banner share little in common except how they are regulated. The contemporary usage of the term ‘drug’ refers most often to the two categories: medicinal …show more content…

In addition, less 5 percent of 4,000,000 illicit drug users who use drugs such as cannabis, crack/cocaine and other drugs have chaotic lifestyles and addiction problems.12
This essay will argue that the ‘war on drugs’ by way of policy prohibition banning the use of illicit drugs through the criminal justice system is wholly ineffective; the enforcement of illicit drug policy legislation mainly target groups based on class, gender and ethnicity; public perception on the use of illegal drugs influenced by the moral-based viewpoints and horror report of the media; that the issue of illegal drug use is a matter or public policy and reform is necessary to redress the disparities in the law; and finally provide a conclusion for the arguments set forth.
Firstly, it is important to emphasize that in Britain, in the nineteenth century, drugs such as opium and opiates were freely available for sale in shops and stalls etc.13 In fact, opium, opiates and other drugs such as cocaine were used to treat a wide range of everyday diseases, for instance, colds, coughs and toothache etc. Clearly, society for the most part had no particular fears about the use of these drugs.14
However, although society

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