How Do Football Fans Influenced By Liverpool Football Club?

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The red background and Liver Bird emblem of Liverpool FC evoke the pride of a city and honour of the fans in their fight against the police and Government for Justice for the Hillsborough victims. This allegiance, by the fans, is represented in the multimodal text of the Banner by way of the colours, imagery, wording or other art form; thus attracting consumer attention to what is being expressed visually. The specific social and cultural role that football plays is influenced by factors which gives a more positive side to football and its passionate supporters. Each Banner contains symbolism which is illustrated by the arts, letters and crimson red colour of Liverpool Football Club." Carol Ann Duffy, the Poet Laureate wrote an exclusive poem for the Liverpool Echo newspaper in September 2012, following the report into the Hillsborough disaster. A distinctive feature of Duffy’s poem is its intertextuality, (intertextuality was originated by the Bulgarian-French philosopher and psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva in the 1960s); that demonstrates the poems likely affect on the football fans and people, …show more content…

The banners of the Kop are famous throughout football, the banner makers of Liverpool have followed and celebrated the club on its travels. That can be a communal activity as much as an individual showing the power of creative imagination, draped across the Liverpool FC stadium. It is a representation of the many football supporters who have their desire, to ensure the colourful Banner remains as a vital part of match days at Anfield. For many football supporters, creativity has been a tool to influence their political surroundings, consequently takes account of an event or experience in everyday life focusing on public memory, civic pride and sports

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