How Do I Get My Hair Back to Its Natural Color? Essay

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How do I get my hair back to its natural color

Hair dyes have some problems. Of course, it is very difficult to choose the right color. This is the first question. But there is another problem: what to do when the color began to "walk"?

At least not constantly is all shades of red. And their attention fades women more often because they are not very attractive colors in 6 weeks. Yet another color becomes problematic when the past several months.

Generally, we choose the simplest solution is to wait. Hair grows every month as a minimum of 10-12 mm. And dyed my hair ever grow back fully. So you can try to improve the foods: vitamin supplements, hair keratin treatments, masks and stuff.

But is there a way to quickly get back to color? …show more content…

This is due to the fact that the girls who have tried, have different hair. And the result is only to those who have damaged hair coloring often, ends trimmed, etc. and the second rule is a tool previously applied, the more dramatic the results you get.

Home remedies for hair color remover permanently remove unwanted dye for 20 minutes. This tool has brands such as L'Oreal Paris color B4, DeColor, UPS colors, others.

Colored shampoo at home

It is better to start again when the roots of dyed hair color grow back a little bit. Because you (or, in the case of service in the salon) should look natural color, which is aimed at.

To speed up the "departure" of color, use soap, shampoo labeled "Clarifying" (klarifaing). When the roots grow back, choose a color lighter than the color shampoo minimal root re (painted). Applying shampoo long hair from root to tip. It will get rid of the border obviously dyed hair and minimal re-root. Further action is: 2 times a week before coloring shampoos, using clarifying. In about a month you can go without ottenočnogo shampoo, hair back to its natural color.

People recipe

One of the most bizarre suggestion is to use a strong detergent to remove paint from hair. Bloggers who are already using this method in a diary he wrote showed good results. However, after the procedure had to pay strict attention to the health of the hair vitamins, masks, balsams in action. So,

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