How Does Barbie Affect Children

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Ever since the creation of Barbie in 1959, the doll has been a frontrunner in children’s entertainment. The doll’s humble beginning has progressed until Mattel can now claim, with very good reasoning, that one Barbie Doll is sold every two and a half seconds. Considering the doll’s popularity, one has to wonder how a toy that popular is effecting the children who play with the doll. Some people claim that Barbie encourages young girls to be the best they can be. Others believe that Barbie is merely a toy, and that the doll has no impacts on the child’s life at all. The truth of the matter is that Barbie can have very serious negative effects on how young girls will grow up to view their physical appearance as well as their value as human beings.…show more content…
Some mothers are adamantly against the dolls claiming that they enforce the idea that women are subservient to their male counterparts, while others believe that the dolls will reinforce skewed perceptions of what a woman’s body should look like. Kathryn Fischer, a writer for the long-running feminist newspaper Off Our Backs, wrote, “We don’t want our daughters to feel pressure to compete against unrealistic societal ideals of body. Nor do we want to perpetuate the idea that successful women are only white, heterosexual and skinny.” (Fischer) Fischer did not want little girls to look to Barbie as an ideal of beauty; she understood how idealizing a doll that unachievable could have very serious negative effects later on in a child’s life. She also understood that treating the dolls as a perfect example of a successful woman has the very real potential of demoralizing all the little girls that aren’t white, skinny, and…show more content…
This belief was supported in an article in Art Education, a journal aimed towards the professional interests of art educators. The article in question, “Cosmetic Surgery and the Cultural Construction of Beauty,” illustrates the increase of people, mostly women that are undergoing plastic surgery (Blair). One of the reasons for the increase cited in the article were the dolls that children are playing with. They claimed that the media, in this case Barbie, shapes the way that young girls understand the way that a person’s supposed to look. This is especially true when the damaging form of media is marketed exclusively towards children and when the children are exposed to it on a daily

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