How Does Design Make Life Easier For A Small Living Space?

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Along with significant increases in the urban population in China, the requirements of living spaces have also greatly increased. Many contradictions and problems in China 's economic and social development are closely associated with the issue of population, which has become the key factor and primary problem restricting China 's living space development. As the price of urban housing has trended ever upwards in recent years, small dwelling-size apartments are becoming more desirable for their affordability. Apartments are thus the mainstream trend of housing structure in the near future, due to land limitations and shortages.
Large or small, living spaces are extremely important places where people spend the majority of their waking and sleeping hours. The principal significance of the research is to explore the problems of space utilization. How can the benefits of living space utilization be maximized through design solutions? What kind of design methods could promote the reuse of the same space in a limited environment? How does design make life easier in a small living space?
Flooring is an essential infrastructure that plays a surprisingly important role in every space. The research will try to discover more possibilities of flooring innovation through the study of flooring development that includes an investigation of materials and technologies. The questions that will be answered in this in-depth level of design investigation and analysis are: How does…
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