How Does Ell Elle Affect Society

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In the wolves territory a very special girl bleeds maroon and gold. She attends mostly every football game. She has the most school spirit in Lake Hamilton High School. Everyday Elle shows up to school eager to learn. She walks up and down strident hallways. She goes in and out of classrooms. So many kids attend school just to socialize but, Elle has her goals set and always ready to grow in her education. After school, Elle usually walks to the tennis courts. There she gets better each day, and she helps lot of people get better too. So many loathsome things go on all around her, but Elle keeps a positive attitude. Lot of kids tempt her to make the wrong choices, but Elle has here achievements in life set and she knows one wrong decision can ruin her whole life. …show more content…

Even though she has amazing grades, she still has so many friends. Elle always sticks out from the other kids. Everybody can count on Elle. She can turn a person’s day from horrible to great with a few words. If she puts her mind to do something, there is no way to stop her. Elle portrays kindness to everyone. She withholds a huge heart. While the tennis team rides the bus to Texarkana, mostly everybody falls asleep, but Elle. Elle chooses to do her homework instead. Elle uses her time very wisely, and she doesn’t waste a second. Colby Puckett’s day was horrible. So Elle comes and talks to him. She ask if everything is okay and Elle tells him everything will be okay and that she will be there if he needs anything. Once the bus arrives to Texarkana, everyone gets off the bus. All the tennis team walks to an area and stays together, but Elle walks up to the Texarkana team and talks them and wishes them good luck. Elle has a big impact on Colby Puckett's life and the lives of many

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