How Does Marjane Change In Persepolis

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“Although I sometimes enjoy writing from an adult's perspective, I feel dedicated to the coming of age story - that part of a young person's life where he must make a decision that will change his life forever. I still remember what it is like to be twelve years old.” This quote by Kimberly Willis Holt mirrors the main idea of the novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi as Marjane, the main character of the novel, has to make decisions that change her life forever. While Marjane’s world rapidly changes around her, she has to decide whether she should conform to the ideas of the revolution in Iran or whether she should stay true to herself and develop as a woman. Ultimately, Marjane chooses to follow her beliefs, which allows her to mature and move…show more content…
By overcoming the challenges that inhibit her during the Revolution, she learns to stay true to herself and mature into a woman. Marjane initially struggles with the Revolution in Iran, because she fails to comprehend her role in it. To move past this struggle, Marjane has to conquer a series of challenges which she does through reading and secretly smoking her first cigarette. By overcoming these challenges, Marjane matures and learns a lesson that alters her character profoundly and allows her to come of age. Marjane's coming of age can be related to the development of the characters of Scout and Jem in To Kill A Mockingbird. Jem and Scout also encounter a series of challenges, most importantly in trying to make contact with Boo Radley, who generates hate from people in their town and presents a potential danger to society. Similarly to Marjane, they learn to not blindly adhere to societal views and discover that Boo actually cares for his people, but has trouble expressing his emotions. Thus, Marjane and Scout and Jem come of age and learn to believe in themselves and stay true to their values just as Marjane does in
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