How Does Persuasion Used Throughout History? Essay

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Influencing employees in the work place has been a challenge for many managers and corporations. Many have tried a number of methods in order to find success. These methods range from power, control, rewards, motivation, and persuasion. Our focus here is the use of persuasion. Persuasion, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary (2016), is the act of causing people to do or believe something (pg. 1). This literature review considers the use of persuasion in the workplace by responding to the following questions.
1. How has persuasion been used throughout history?
2. Why do people fail to implement change in this changing world?
3. How have persuasion campaigns implemented change and success in the workplace?
4. How does persuasion differ from manipulation?
Research shows the art of persuasion has shown to be the most effective tool to get employees to conform and meet goals for an organization.
How has persuasion been used throughout history?
The art of persuasion has been used in a number of ways throughout the past. Dennis Tourish, David Collinson, and James R. Barker (2009) explain that coercive persuasion encourages employee or subjects to accept the ruling group’s cultural norms as their own in the article, “Manufacturing Conformity: Leadership Through Coercive Persuasion in Business Organisations”(pg. 363). Coercive persuasion and its methods have been compared to ones used in religion, prison, POW camps, educational systems, and mental hospitals (Tourish,

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