How Does Shakespeare Use Figurative Language In Sonnet 12

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Sonnet Essay Draft

Sonnet 12 was written by William Shakespeare over 400 years ago and tells the story about how time takes everything away. Through observing a multimodal presentation of Sonnet 12, the spectator is provided with a reconstruction and entertaining way of understanding the language features, mood and messages in the poem. The deliberate choices of images, sounds and text put together captures the sonnet for a new generation of viewers.

The use of images and animation displays the personification and imagery in Sonnet 12. Throughout the sonnet the use of figurative language technique of personification such as in line 14 Shakespeare shows time as a to nasty person who "takes thee hence". This is portrayed as an image of a child beside his parents grave which helps emphasise the dark and destructive power of time for the observer. Shakespeare uses the figurative language technique of imagery in lines 9-12, the image of a rose is shown in the multimodal demonstrates the imagery of beauty "Since sweets and …show more content…

In Sonnet 12 Shakespeare uses negative quotes and text such as "borne", "do themselves forsake", "die as fast as they see others grow", "nothing against times scythe can make defence", "save breed to brave him when he takes thee hence", these all represent the sad and depressing tone in the sonnet. The text "nothing will live forever, time destroys everything" and "beauty can't last forever" both capture time taking away youth. The symbol of a man with the sun in his hand represents the sun/summer being taken away, summer represents happiness for it is the time to go on holidays and have fun whereas winter represents sadness and sickness since people get a cold or the flu during that time of year. The choices of text, quotes and symbols in the transformed sonnet helps the modern viewer get the idea of Shakespeare's sonnet in a

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