How Does Technology Affect Autistic Children?

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How Does Technology Affect Autistic Children?
Alexander Weatherholt
National University Abstract
The first case of autism was diagnosed in 1943. Since this, the yearly amount of diagnosed cases has increased 1000%. As of 2013, 1 in every 120 girls and 1 in every 70 boys were born with autism. With the steady increase of autistic birth rates, it has become an important social issue. Since autism was first diagnosed, technology has progressed at a rapid rate. This technology is integrated into everyone’s daily lives. Autistic children in general are affected by technology in such areas as communication, learning and social integration. Which leads to the question: How does technology affect autistic children? This paper pursues an answer to this question through exploration and analysis of the existing research on the relationship between autistic children and technology.
How Does Technology Affect Autistic Children?
Autism rates are on the rise. In 1938, a child referred to as Donald T. to keep his identity hidden, was seen by psychologist Leo Kanner. Upon observing the child, he noticed that Donald showed symptoms unlike anything else recorded in medical history. The child was withdrawn, showed an obsession with spinning blocks and lining up toys, was indifferent towards people, and did not react to things that other children took an interest in. After five years of observation, Kanner made the first diagnosis of autism (Kanner, 1943). In 1943, there were 11
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