How ELT Has Helped Make English the Global Language

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How ELT has Helped Make English the Global Language Standardization of English Controversies It is not difficult to determine why English began its rise as the predominant language in the world. Britain, the progenitor of the language, once bragged that the "Sun never set on the British Empire." This is true in that the empire stretched to all areas of the globe, and the nation of England had influence beyond just its possessions. Because the conquerors spoke English, many of the citizens learned to at least use a few simple phrases that would allow them to take the better jobs offered by the English. This same scenario has happened since the United States has become the world superpower. In areas such as commerce and science, it is almost non-negotiable that a person has to learn English to survive. The global climate dictates that there must be a single language which everyone can turn to as that spoken in a particular discipline. Because of the economic superiority of the United States over the past 50 years, and the fact that the US has also dominated many fields within science, English is spoken by many people around the world. However, it is a second language. The fact is that English is not the preeminent first language. Chinese Mandarin has far more native speakers than any other language in the world (Lovgren, 2004). Of course, just the sheer volume of Chinese make this a certainty, but many of these people still speak English as a second language because
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