How Education Has Changed Our Life

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We work so hard all our life just to go to that school we have dreamt of going when we get older but things get in our way. Sometimes that thing can be money. Money comes and goes and that is the cycle of money. Money can sometimes buy you the happiness but it can ruin your life too. Education has always been a main priority in my life and that is because of how I have been raised. My parents came all the way to the United States of America for my better future, so I can receive the education and live the American life they have always dreamt about, but it is not as easy as I thought it would be and I am sure I am talking right now on behalf of hundreds or even thousands of college students who cannot afford to go their dream school because of how expensive their tuition fees are. There are also grants for students so they can continue going to school and that is really nice of the US government to do but what about the rest of the students? One of my close friend recently went to UC Davis, he received the salutatorian award from his high school and I am really happy for him because he deserves it after how hard he has worked for the last four years of his high school but It makes me sad when I have to hear words from him such as I am taking a loan. A 18 year old who has never worked got his first loan right after he graduated high school and now he is having a very hard time in his school maintaining his grades. What if he doesn’t continue doing well? What if the major…
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