How Educators Use Assessments Within Their Classroom Essay

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Educators in present education systems are constantly acquiring essential information about the academic strengths and weaknesses that their students possess. In order to gain information that will be beneficial for students’ learning, educators must evaluate the academic performance of their students as a means to improve learning in content areas. Ultimately, at the heart of education lies assessments. Educators use assessments as a means to further understand the learning process of their students as well as to address concerns or areas that need improvement, with concepts like instruction, in order to help students reach full academic potential within the classroom. To acquire additional information pertaining to how educators use assessments within their classroom, I interviewed Mrs. Beth Vondran, an Kindergarten educator at St. Mary’s East Primary School in St. Mary’s Ohio. Mrs. Vondran is currently in her 29th year of education and has years of experience using assessments to monitor academic student achievement as well as using those results to alter her instructional practices to benefit her students. It should be noted that through The Ohio State University Education Program, I am currently observing and educating in Mrs. Vondran’s Kindergarten classroom in order to complete my Junior Level field work requirements. Therefore, being involved in the classroom, I have been given the opportunity to witness first hand how multiple assessments administered to students
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