How Exactly Do You Know What Love Is Or If You Are Receiving

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How exactly do you know what love is or if you are receiving and giving the right kind of love. When we are first born we experience love from our mother and our father. As one grows up we feel the love of our friends until we experience our first “love.” As humans we all wish to find that special someone who will be by our side till our last day. Whether we find love or not it is nice to know that there is someone there for you. In the poem “What We Talk About When We Talk About
Love” by Raymond Carver and the artwork “One Love” by Ahn, Chang Hong and
안창홍 was created in 1994, the reader is shown different kinds of love. Even though love is perceived differently, both pieces demonstrate conflicts within self, relations between public and …show more content…

My God (Carver 506).”At the end Terri adds “My God” because she feels bad for him and for what happened, she feels like her leaving him was the main stressor that made Ed drink the rat poison. Another example of conflict within self is shown in the artwork “One Love,” in this artwork we can see a couple who loves each other and is very affectionate, but can not make up their minds on whether they love each other or if they hate each other. We are able to tell this, because both the male and the female are holding a knives behind their significant other as if they were going to stab them.
For many people keeping up with their appearance in front of their peers is very important and this may also apply to their relationship with their partner. The relations between the public and private are very important when it comes to love.
We as humans want the world to see the best and we usually tend to hide the ugly that is happening. In the poem Mel tells his friends “You guys have been together eighteen months and you love each other. It shows all over you. You glow with it
(Carver 509), ”this shows that like the newlywed couple many want the public to see how happy one is in the new relationship. As for Mel and Terri they have had a

Sarinana 3 more difficult relationship and is not usually seen by others, Mel is a divorced man and has struggled to keep the appearance that he is having a good relationship with his ex wife “She’s bankrupting us. Mel says it’s just to

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