How Gender Comes Into Play

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In my previous paper I was very interested in how gender comes into play when it comes to how people balance paid work and family time. This was really interesting to me because as a daughter I was really interested to see if any of the themes that I saw reminded of when I was young. Even more than that, however, I was interested to see what might happen to me as I get older, get married, and start having children. While I am young now, I am very eager to settle down and have a family so I was very curious at the different themes that I would see when I interviewed a married women, who was Named “Lucy”.
The themes that I did see in my research were inequality, a very traditional family dynamic (which I thought was caused by a gender trap), and family myths. The division of household labor in this family was very traditional, the mother, who I interviewed, was the one who did most, if not all, of the household labor along with working a full time job. That led me to believe that they had a very traditional family dynamic, even though that might not be the true ideology of the women I interviewed. I picked up on a few things while I was interviewing her that I think led to the traditional division of labor. I thought that they were very much caught in a gender trap, meaning that they think that they have to do what is typical for their gender. That meant that the childcare and the housework, which is seen as more of a feminine, were up to Lucy. The other things that were seen
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