How Globalization and Developing Economies will Impact Women

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The deepening globalization and the following development of economy have made big changes in policies and economic structures in many developing countries, such as China, Mexico and Thailand. They were pushed in the trend to make economic transitions from agriculture dependent economy to export-oriented industrial economy. But any transitions to a new era cannot be painless; there must be someone who has to pay the price for this big change. Women as factories workers are going to become this group of people who get the greatest impact.
A lower share of output and the continuously decline in employment in the agriculture indicated the structural change in China, Mexico and Thailand. And an increasing share of labor force ,including women and men ,entered in export-oriented manufacturing industry . Those women and men can no longer bear the low income due to the low prices of agricultural products which is the result of globalization that introduced the accession of WTO (Ngai.P 2007).Comparing to men who used to dominate the main proportions of labor force, women have a relatively larger percentage increase in participating industry work. Those women were not courage to find paid works but were responsible for unpaid household work, agrarian work and care of children in the past. However, because the decline of earnings from agriculture and the increase wages in manufacturing industry, even though they have limited education and qualifications, they still participate in the

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