How Good Soldiers Became Evil Essay

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The mind is the most complex but fascinating feature of human beings. Although our minds are the primary source of love, care, and goodness, our minds are also capable of perpetuating hate, abuse, and evil towards others. Abu Ghraib, a city in the Baghdad Governorate of Iraq, is notoriously known for the horrific incidents of torture and abuse of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers in 2004. Although the events happened 10 years ago, the events continue to ponder our minds as we question, "How were they capable of doing those things?" There are many theories in regards to the cause of the Abu Ghraib incident. After analyzing the arguments, theories, and explanations of Robert Tolmach Lakoff, Dianne Benscoter, Tara Mcklevy, and Phillip …show more content…

Benscoter compares a “meme” to that of a virus. “The way a virus works – it can infect and do the most damage to someone who has a compromised immune system.” When one is deserted in a psychologically vulnerable place and feels lonely, lost, and depressed, among other feelings, their ability to be controlled is extremely high. In Abu Ghraib, The soldiers didn’t understand the Iraqi, felt lost in the very different world, and were under constant assaults from Iraqi mortars outside the prison walls. When presented with an opportunity to escape the loneliness, stress, and depression by abusing, degrading, and humiliating the Iraqi inmates, the “viral meme” “infected” their brain as they just wanted to be befriended. Tara Mckelevy’s interview with Lynddie England, the woman who was the center of the worldwide scandal at Abu Ghraib, shows how Dianne’s Benscoter’s explanations were at play when she committed the horrific acts. Mckelevy’s A Soldier’s Tale documented the story of Lynddie England, a “small town” girl who was “blinded” by love for a fellow soldier so she claims. Lynddie England was shown in photographs laughing, smiling, and gesturing at the Iraqi Prisoners as she humiliated and abused them. England was a young quiet girl who wanted an escape from her trailer park life. However, as she entered the warzone, loneliness, stress, and exhaustion dwelled upon her mind.

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