How I Build A Personal Computer

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How to Build a Personal Computer Building your own PC (personal computer) is a both informative and cost effective method when you are in need of a computer. The process of selecting compatible parts is the most difficult part of building your own computer, but luckily assembling everything is a very easy process that will be outlined in the following pages. Step 1: Preparing your workspace The first step in the process of assembling your brand new PC is to select the best workplace available to protect your shiny new parts. Static electricity is the biggest worry to have while constructing a brand new computer and there are precautions to take whether you are on a solid smooth surface, or more importantly, on carpet. First and foremost, the most important item to have on hand is an anti-static wrist strap. The use of a wrist strap will help prevent ESD (electrostatic discharge) that could possibly damage the components during assembly. Another important aspect is to keep the area free of clutter and have a flat open space that will allow for easy movement around the computer case. Take care when moving and unwrapping the parts to avoid possibly damaging any pins or chipping the fragile edges of things such as the motherboard, memory, and video card. Once everything has been removed from its protective wrapping, you can begin piecing everything together. Step 2: Installing the motherboard The second step in building your computer will be to install the motherboard with

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