Argumentative Essay: Does Immigration Increase Crime?

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Immigration has always been a very debated topic, with some people pointing out the opportunities different countries offer immigrants and the people on the other side of the spectrum highlighting the way immigration affects native born people. During the campaign period for the 2016 election, it was clear that candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had different views. Clinton sought to be more “humane” and mindful when reforming immigration policies and Trump sought to quickly remove the bad “hombres” who were committing crimes and taking jobs. Recently since Trump has taken office, he made sure to be a man of his word and started deporting people, a large portion being those who have committed larger crimes and a smaller fraction …show more content…

These illegal immigrants are not coming in search of a better life, but rather to cause problems and become a financial and social burden for a country that does not claim them. Illegal criminals are not only causing harm by murdering, raping, trafficking drugs, etc., but also increasing the presence of gangs and gang related crimes. This is an issue that affects the youth, as children are enticed to enter these groups and become deviant members of society, causing a further burden for the government.
Articles, such as “Immigrants Do Not Increase Crime, Research Shows” reach conclusions based on “evidence” that immigration, rather than increasing crime, leads to a decrease in crime. These claims are made using numbers that are outdated, even though the article was recently posted. Rather than looking at the current state of the nation and the change in immigration and crime rates, the authors conducted research with data from the late 20th century up to 2010. Not only is the data outdated, but the claim that immigration leads to less crime seems hard to believe. The article does not include the data or any form of statistics that the reader may judge themselves, making it hard to believe that the results point to this

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