How Information Security Has Become A Critical Function Within All Organizations Across The World

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Information security has become a critical function within all organizations across the world. Hackers are finding more and more ways to hack into computer systems by exploiting software vulnerabilities. In addition, hackers are becoming more creative on the methods used to achieve the exploitation of these vulnerabilities. As a result, many organizations have implemented controls to detect and identify threats before hackers successfully hack into an organization and cause irreparable damage. There are several threat indicators which allow security analysts to determine when a system is hacked. This paper will explain the current state of threat indicators as well as their formatting. In addition, it will discuss the various standards …show more content…

ISAOs handle the sharing of information between private sector and government.

Threat intelligence is critical in today’s environment and organizations no longer rely solely on automated processes or software to identify malicious activity. As such, they have resorted to dedicating staff to network baselines, anomaly detection, deep inspection and correlation of network and application data and activity.

According to, “intelligence isn’t all about sources and indicators. It’s about analysis” and while “threat indicators typically include data items like IP addresses, fully qualified domain names, MD5/SHA-1 hashes, SSL certificates, filenames, mutexes, and registry keys. Much of today’s threat intelligence comes in the form of simple indicators”. However, indicators alone may not always be of value to an organization given the complexity of attacks.

In the current threat environment, quick distribution of information related to threat information is critical to quickly detect, respond and contain targeted attacks. As a result, on February 25, 2015, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Protection and Programs Directorate, announced a cybersecurity information sharing proposal from the President of the United

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