How Is Catherine A Victimizer

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Brontë’s novel is a three dimensional novel. By mentioning Catherine, we are talking about a complex character who confuses the reader. In which the reader cannot determine his feeling towards her. This character (Catherine) is playing two roles a ‘victim’ and a ‘victimizer’ in different situations during the events.. These two roles can be seen during Catherine’s actions and behaviours. According to this mixed and complex character, the following paragraphs will discuss Catherine’s both roles. It is important to understand the way Catherine described in the novel. Also, some of the characters become victims and fall preys to her behaviour as a victimizer. There are some reasons that make Catherine become a victimizer. In addition, explain the societal pressure and Catherine’s…show more content…
Does Catherine’s victimization justify her immoral actions? Does the reader feel any sympathy towards Catherine? These are some of the pertinent questions this essay tries to answer.

Each character in the novel has been described in different ways. Borg suggests that psychologically, Catherine’s character has been seen as a double character, this shows in Heathcliff and Linton’s characters. As if they are two different parts of her. (Borg, 2011, p:5). This doubleness is clear in the novel when Nelly explains her doubleness. That “Catherine has adopted a double character”(52). (Borg.,2011,p:5). In addition, she described as a child. This shows in her dairies which has been red by Lockwood in chapter three in the novel. The reader can understand her bevaviour as a child through events which have written in Catherine’s dairies. This helps the reader to see the truth about her character because it is written in her own words, without any narration intervention. Her rebellious actions are clear in her dairies. For example; when she writes that she hates lessons are giving to her and
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