How Managers Achieve Success in Today's Business World Essay

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How Managers Achieve Success in Today's Business World In today’s business world, how do managers achieve success? In the past, managers’ main managerial activities are decision making, planning and controlling. They exchange the routine information and process paperwork between different departments; motivate and discipline their employees. People are graded by their technical skills and productivity. However, when looking at Fred Luthans’s research, we will find out that among successful managers, networking makes the largest relative contribution to success. Managers pay more attention on socializing, politicking and…show more content…
Managing people means managing a set of variables. In today’s workplace, people will face many changes everyday. The incoming globalization affects the organization structure, as well as a manager’s people skills. Managers have to manage a workplace that is likely to be very different in needs, aspirations and attitudes from the ones that used to be. People are most likely to find themselves working with bosses, peers and other employees who were born and raised in different cultures. Organizations are becoming more heterogeneous in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity which are so-called the melting-pot. A manager needs to understand why his Islamic employee does not eat in October, why his secretary late to work recently; a manager cannot hire a ballet dancer to do the accounting, should not fire his employee with no reason. Furthermore, can command or order do well in pushing people to work for you? Of course not. But what makes the difference? Motivation and caring. Employees need to be motivated. If the manager knows about the employee’s personality, creativity and adaptability, motivating the employee the way he needs to be motivated is the best way to let him do the good job for you. If employees feel that the manager has confidence and trust in them, they feel like they have to be an
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