Success in Business: An Opinion Essay

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Having my own website is part of my company strategy. I believe this would help me to gain access to numerous amounts of online sales that will help my business grow. I can branch out and meet other business owners that may want to have their information posted on my website to help build their sales too. Then, I would be able to get a profit from their business as well.
If I was presented with an option to sell my web domain name, I would not even consider it. A thousand dollars in exchange of my web domain name would not have as much value to it due to the fact that my rent is much higher which in return keeps me in business. It would not be a worthy offer. People who want to buy your business or your business domain name, want and expect to receive great profits from your hard work and success. When business owners allow this to happen, they have fallen in a trap that they can no longer get out of. Once the dotted line is signed and the contract is in place, there are no options left and no turning back. In addition, there have been cases where hackers have stolen your domain name and it becomes very hard to get it back. In this scenario, there is a variety of helpful websites that you can go to so that you can gain knowledge of how to handle these types of issues.
You can also get in trouble for copying another business's similar website. To alleviate this problem, search engines are available that can help you determine if a particular web site is an appropriate
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