How Medical Robotics Affect Healthcare Costs And Patient Safety

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Over the years technology has advanced in all areas of life. From personal lives to working lives and from young to old, the world revolves around the latest and greatest technological advancements. Technology is progressing at an exponential rate and with it the possibilities are endless. So much power can be manipulated to improve the quality of life but it can also render new dangers the world has never faced before. One area of technology that this holds true for is healthcare, specifically robotics in healthcare. Imagine entering into a surgery room and seeing less medical professional and more machines. How would that make you feel? As the development of these new medical technologies continues, the list of pros and cons will grow too from those who critic them from an ethical, societal, and global level. There are ethical concerns that are raised by public regarding how medical robotics will affect healthcare costs and patient safety. At a societal level these systems could potentially affect how patients interact with medical professionals. And at a global level a major concern is the privacy and security of the patients who use these systems. A major political and economic issue that is closely tied with robotics in surgery and healthcare is the rising costs of healthcare. Ethically it is in the best interest of the technical and medical communities to provide services to customers and patients at a fair and balanced price. On average robotic surgical systems cost

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