How My 2-Year Relationship Ended

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I was never sure if I could trust if the “if you love something let it be free” quote as either ingenious, or one of the most wrong things I’ve ever heard. Ending a relationship with someone you care about can include the same finality and sorrow as the death of someone close to you. All the things imagined and projected into the future, are no longer going to happen anymore. This experience played a major role in a recent chapter of my life and developed like a tiresome plot. For the sake of this reading, I will not choose to be an object of pity when it comes to sharing my story, but to explore the details of this conflict and how it has equipped me with skills and experiences to grow. To summarize, the two year relationship came to an…show more content…
For a relationship in which growth has stagnated despite any of the best effort to continue flourishing, or in which there’s no growth on one’s part, the relationship will either end because someone will end it or it will end in its own terms. I realized as long as I had the idea of being with Elisa implanted in my mind I was powerless to both her, the situation, and my own emotions. I came to understand that if she were to no longer hold this power over me it would be due to no longer becoming emotionally aroused at any association of her and actually forcing myself to be motivated in letting her go. The fact Elisa broke up with me and immediately had left me in an emotional state of unacceptance and abandonment made it difficult to attach a proper explanation to the situation, and consumed much of my energy. In order to be pulled out of this cycle it is exceptionally important to develop a strong emotional intelligence; to acknowledge and identify the negative emotions when they are triggered, the ability to readjust when following any destructive cycle, and the ability to see the same within others. As with any loss, emotional pain must oscillate over time; and as time passes, emotional anchors will reboot and emotions will even out. Meaning, to restore power in a situation like mine when Elisa’s position remained firm I had to grit through to the stage of acceptance, and actually become the guy to let go. Shortly after, daily routines no longer
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