How Narcissistic Is It Of Humanity

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How have we as humans found material that perfectly reflects light to show us ourselves? How narcissistic is it of humanity, in the midst of trying to improve itself, it manages to drown in the waters of its own selfishness? Why have we tampered with what nature gives us? Was water not enough? Nature provided us with our own pure, unfiltered mirror. Nothing crafted by hand, just our reflection, our hopes, dreams, sins, faults, all thrown back at us. It’s actually terrifying. See a mirror can be altered. Some mirrors are better than others. Some are old and foggy, while others are as clear as day. Water, however, it’s the same. Under the moonlight, we are exposed. It’s safe to say, meeting him under the moonlight beside the water, was the ideal way for me to meet the man who would ruin my life. Ariel, found me writing like a mad man beside a small creek that divided our campuses. He offered me lunch and I quickly refused. Much like most men, Ariel was self absorbed and had a raging superiority complex. He was the type of man who believed he could spark a flame in my heart and whisk me away into the depths of his soft, weak, yet beautiful heart. The poor man was determined to make me fall in love. Unfortunately for him, I do not believe in love. I never have, and I never will. Instead, I have decided to humor him and allow him to make me dinner at his place. He wants to eat and discuss my writing. Ariel writes as well, and I’m positive he assumes he is Shakespeare himself.
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