How Private Is Our Privacy On Internet?

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How Private is our Privacy on Internet? 1,846 words Stephen Hawking, a well-known scientist and researcher once said, “We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain”. In other words, he meant that the internet is helpful to us, in every way, from getting the information around the world to getting connected with everyone. The world today is an age of internet where there is life in and outside of the web. The internet is very powerful and convenient, so that it has become an inevitable part of the Americans. On the other hand, it is not a very good thing when the big corporations and the government use it to spy on the consumers and use it as marketing tool. The online privacy and safety is a major concern in…show more content…
However, most users are not aware of the amount of personal information that can be collected without their consent when they do such ordinary things as visiting a Web page, opening a document, or reading an e-mail message. The protocol of the Web requires that a certain amount of information be exchanged between a user’s Web browser and the Web server with which it is communicating. The server needs to know the type and version of the browser because different versions have different capabilities, such as support for Java or online forms. The Web server knows the page from which the user came and the page to which the user goes because that information is part of the environment shared by the Web server and the users Web browser. Information about an Internet user can be collected in many ways, including the underlying protocol of the web, cookies, banner advertisements and web bugs. A user may also provide information to an online vendor to reduce annoyances. Almost every user has seen a popup ad of almost anything that is annoying and disturbing. Some of these ads comes in full screen and would not let us close the pop up window. These ad companies know that the people gets annoyed when the same popup ad keeps appearing. Some of the ads have a “Click here to disable this ad” button that takes the user to another page which shows you even more ads of the company. By doing so, a

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