How Progress Makes Us Sick Essay

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How Progress Makes Us Sick

By now, Im sure nearly everyone has heard of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). If youve watched all news channels like CNN or Fox News over the past month with their alternating images of people hurrying through airports wearing surgical masks and bombs exploding over Baghdad, youd think there were only two news stories worth reporting: the growing body counts created by SARS and the Iraq war. However the attention that has been focused on SARS has startled people rather than educated them about the disease. Lack of information leads to fear. According to J. Michael Bishop in Enemies of Promise: We live in an age of scientific triumph. Science has solved many of natures puzzles and greatly enlarged …show more content…

SARS has said to be caused by the novel corona virus. Each time this virus copies itself, it changes very slightly. A virologist, Mark Denison, says, Corona viruses mutate for a living. When it comes to dealing with science many people begin to question. Are we being told just what we would like to hear or the actual truth? In Beijing, US News reports: Official media said only that there was a minor problem in Guangdong province and that it was under control.

I considered it all rumors, not fact, says Liu Wenhui, a thirty year-old accountant. One week later, those rumors became fact, and the mask came out in force. Officials came back reporting three hundred and forty-six SARS cases in Beijing alone. By the end of the week, the number had more then doubled. Before the truth came out, the national health minister and the citys mayor had just declared the city to be safe for tourists. It wasnt long after the fact that these two gentlemen were fired. Like a sinner desperate to make up for past misdeeds, the government went conspicuously to work (U.S. News). In J. Michael Bishops article, Enemies of Promise, he talks about how people are uncomfortable and untrusting of science. Why is this the case? I feel it is due to the incidences like the SARS outbreak in Beijing. The public was told one thing, when the truth was

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