How Technology Has Changed Our Future

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Introduction Many achievements have been accomplished in recent decades in almost every area of technology in connection to engineering, computer science, manufacturing, medicine, and etc. In today 's current times, technology impacts individuals directly or indirectly from laptop to smart phones usage for personal use, at work, home and school. College students have been directly influence by the new technology in their studies since now day’s personal laptop is a requirement for certain classes, assignments are now being posted and answers submitted on online, there is an increase demand for online courses, many of the research is now online base, VARIOUS courses now offer online books and so forth. Technology has now become a second nature in current environment do to the many benefits it offers. Technology is far advancing from in class and books to increasingly shifting to online base, offering students VARIOUS kind of experience and North Carolina State University is one of the colleges that incorporates new technology in the curriculum. Many of the online applications used by North Carolina State University (NCSU) students are Web Assign, Moodle, V-python, Clicker (student response system), and Maple. Maple is highly used in mathematic courses for daily assignments as it explains classical mathematical concepts in a practical and effective way to students. Maple plays a significant role in resolving difficult problems, providing visual diagrams and flexibility to…
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