Improving Second Graders ' Communication Of Mathematical Thinking

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The article analyzed in this paper is the mixed research study titled Using Math Journals to Enhance Second Graders’ Communication of Mathematical Thinking. The quality of the research problem stated in the article was well put together. The researcher stated the problem clearly and identified why it was a problem. The gap in the literature the study is attempting to fill is communication of mathematical thinking. Often time’s students cannot intellectually explain how they got to their answer. When asked to explain, students have a hard time using the correct vocabulary terms. The student 's’ response does not demonstrate the mathematical thinking process; rather it merely demonstrates the student 's’ ability to memorize and recall a method of solving a problem to find a correct answer. Kostos, K., & Shin, E. K. (2010). The quality of the purpose of the research was excellent. The researcher was able to explain the significance the problem had on students and certain standardized testing students will eventually have to endure. The research question that guided this study was how the use of math journals affected the second grade students’ mathematical thinking through math communication. Kostos, K., & Shin, E. K. (2010). It was plainly stated in the introduction of the article. The consumers of the article would easily find the statement without difficulty. The researcher hypothesized that allowing the students to demonstrate their mathematical thinking

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