How Technology Has Changed Our Life

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Starting from the late twentieth century, technology, as a productive method to change our life style, is significantly integrating into our daily life. However, at the very beginning, technology is just as an advanced and unavailable existing stay at scientific laboratory, which is far from the public’s daily life. The unpredicted but expected truth is that it develops much faster in recent decades and getting much popular in our routines. We use smart phones to contact each other; all kinds of APP’s usage make our life easy and convenient. Personal computers become daily necessities, which we can easily crab information through the Internet. Online technologies server in school educations, work place, social environment and also family …show more content…

Then this will be used to instruct human to search and get more knowledge in natural science and human science, which helps human’s actives and practices in a productive and meaningful way. Technology can give me new thinking and experience in life. Mostly, it makes our life more convenient and somewhat enhanced the quality of our life. Like our method of communication and getting information; instead of using letters or searching books, we easily contact others with smartphone call, message, emails and the Internet. The Internet and Wi-Fi offer us infinite possibility to enjoy the digital experience in real life. We could have FaceTime to chat with people, we could using social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Snap and WhatsApp to contact others. Emails become a primary way to communicate. As well, we benefit a lot by widely constructing of multiple functional Apps, such as Google map, Google earth, cloud saving disk and so on (Villano). However, our personal information security and privacy have been threatened by the uncompleted ethical restraint mechanism. We consider these ethical issues as an ethical dilemma. Those issues have attracted our notation, but are still in process to be solved since we have to consider its risk and benefit to balance the boundaries’ position (Budinger and Budinger). For instance, the real-time satellite

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