How Technology Has Changed Today's Society

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Ever wondered how many steps you took after hiking up a mountain? Ever question your heart rate after a great workout? Have you ever known someone who couldn’t hear well until they got a hearing aid or cochlear implant? Wonder why you are being asked these questions? Well, all of these questions include something that can be used to count the amount of steps, check your heart rate, and help people hear better called wearable technology. According to wearable technology is a noun that is “a small computer or advanced electronic device that is worn or carried on the body.” If you take a look at the world around you, you are bound to count an endless variety of these types of devices being wore in today’s society where technology has seemed to take over. Wearable technology isn’t just used for extracurricular things like number of steps and how fast a mile was ran. They are also used for work, school and wearable technology even has very beneficial medical uses. Wearable technologies have gained both a great deal of approval by many, as well as some doubt of their usefulness and privacy, all of which are dependent of the device and its user. There are a wide range of wearable technology that is being used in the workforce today. There is wearable technology used for jobs in military purposes, space interaction, firefighters and police officers. I recently read a very interesting article by, Courtney Howard titled, “Widespread use of wearable technology.” “It is
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