How The Consumerism Of Buying Changes One 's Attitude Towards Others, Ourselves, And Our Behavior Of Responsibility

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In the United States, companies have created the average American to be a consumer. However, the consumerism mentality that most Americans have is akin to Godzilla. Rampaging on deals and the opportunity to take what they think is rightfully theirs. My aim for this project was to discuss how the consumerism of buying changes one’s attitude towards others, ourselves, and our behavior of responsibility.
Behavior of Others
The Christmas season is upon us, and an event that is always relevant to discuss is “Black Friday”. This year, I went pre-Black Friday shopping on the night of Thanksgiving before 10 pm. I went to the Wal-Mart, near my home, and I was alarmed; so many people clustered into the same location of the store hoping to get decent DVDs for $1. I have heard enough horror stories to know that the nickname Black Friday doesn’t always mean good standing for economic numbers. I then went to Target and The Castle Rock Outlet Mall. When I was at Kohls, I had a strange feeling of consumption, as there were humorous Christmas shirts for $4.99. Consumerism doesn’t just affect how we treat other people; it also affects how we feel. I felt that certain locations that differ from socioeconomic standing, effects interaction. At stores where merchandise costs more, there tends to be more friendly engagement; it felt significantly less hostile.
The article titled "Consumer Ethics: An Assessment of Individual Behavior in the Market Place," analyzes how buyers and sellers interact

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