How The Heart Valves Regulate The Deoxygenated Blood

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Unit 5
Jaraks, like other mammals, have closed circulatory systems. This large homeothermic animal require a more-efficient system that separates the oxygenated blood from the deoxygenated blood. Because of their need to satisfy their high metabolic costs, Jaraks have large four-chambered hearts that are paired with pulmonary and systemic circuits. It is important to note that they have large hearts in comparison to other felines like cheetahs and jaguar, and that this is due to the fact that jaraks are very large in size. Going back to the circuits and the anatomy of the heart, both work to completely separate oxygenated from deoxygenated blood and move blood in a single direction. Blood flows through the heart from veins into the atria …show more content…

The signal spreads to the atrioventricular node. Signals carried from the atrioventricular node cause the ventricles to contract simultaneously. One cardiac cycle, or heartbeat, includes atrial contraction and relaxation, ventricular contraction and relaxation, and a short pause. A normal at rest jarak has a heart rate of 120-150 heartbeats per minute. This heart rate spikes to 180-200 beats per minute when the animal ambushes its prey or chasing down its prey. If you remember from the previous post, jaraks do not just rely on their strength to capture prey. If they must they will use their speed to hunt down escaping prey.
Hematocrit is the proportion of total blood volume that is composed of erythrocytes (red blood cells). Hematocrit levels vary depending on what altitude the jarak is accustom to. Some rainforest can be as low 900 meters above sea level, or they can be as high as 1,500 meters above sea level. Jaraks in lower altitudes have a hematocrit of 49% in males and 46% in female. These levels increase with altitude due to the lesser amount of oxygen in the air. For every 100 meters the jarak rises in altitude their hematocrit levels increase by 1%. A male jarak at 1,500 meters has a hematocrit level of 55%, and a female jarak has a hematocrit level of 52%.
The red blood cells of jaraks are like other mammalian red blood cells. Jarak erythrocytes are circular biconcave-shaped

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