How To Become A Better Leader . Leadership Is An Extremely

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How to Become a Better leader Leadership is an extremely important quality to obtain whether its a parent, a manager, an activist, or any individual working in a group. Leadership is also a very desirable trait in order to become a successful college student. Students should become effective leaders during their college years in order to be able to practice these skills after graduation in their workplace. Gaining this skills before obtaining any profession will give students an advantage over others prior to finding a job. According to Hogan and Judge, leadership can be “defined in terms of the ability to build and maintain a team, group, or organization.” (40) To develop these important leadership skills one must be extremely self…show more content…
On the other hand, leaders may not have enough of this trait and become too introverted. This will cause leaders to become overly reserved and may have difficult times socializing, which is an important quality for leaders. Once individuals have self recognized whether they are too much of an introvert or an extravert, then they are able to take steps to developing into better leaders through creative methods. For example, in How to Become a Better Leader, Toegel and Barsoux suggest, “A simple remedy for executives with a tendency to dominate proceedings is the “four sentence” rule: Whatever you have to say, limit yourself to four sentences. then ask: “do you want me to carry on?” (53) Once the dimension of extroversion is assessed, one can move on to evaluate the next category. According to Northouse, the second most desirable trait linked to leadership is conscientiousness. (27) Conscientiousness refers to the way in which we control our impulses(Toegel and Barsoux 55). Conscious people tend to be thorough, organized, controlled, dependable, and decisive. (Northouse 27) Good leaders exemplify a high level of conscientiousness through being persistent and driven. Although leaders need these qualities, being overly driven may result in being perceived as too stubborn and obsessive. Leaders who are highly conscious
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