How To Prevent A Refugee Incident

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Officers were dispatched in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival officers could hear yelling from outside the apartment building. Officers entered the building and followed the yelling up to apartment 2D. Officers then heard screaming and loud banging coming from inside the apartment. The apartment door was open and officers observed a physical fight. Officers immediately entered and attempted to separate all involved. After separating involved parties, the following was relayed to officers. Sgt Sines was speaking to Ronald Moore outside of the apartment and was advised an argument started over money owed from the previous nights bill. While arguing with his sister, Tameka Moore, Ronald advised Tameka started taking an aggressive stance…show more content…
She was then placed into the rear seat of my fully marked squad car. Dispatch then advised over the air Ronald had an active warrant for FTA out of Gary Indiana. He was subsequently taken into custody and transported to LCJ for the warrant by Ofc. Jaques. The apartment door was damaged and unable to be secured. Officers contacted maintenance in reference to securing the apartment. Tameka was transported to 115 N Broad for booking and time to calm down. While on station Tameka advised she was diabetic and not feeling well. Prompt 219 soon arrived and secured a refusal for treatment. She was then taken back to 1419 Arbogast to get her medication she needed to treat herself. She was released on a PR bond for disorderly conduct. While waiting for a key to enter the apartment, I spoke to Temeka for an extended period of time. She advised she was very disappointed in her actions and apologized. She advised she realizes she was wrong and has never been so upset in her life and did not know how to control her anger. She advised she believes she has learned her lesson and know knows what to do when upset and how to control herself. Her sisters soon arrived and let her into the apartment so she could get her medication. Officers then
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