How To Take Care of A Dog

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How To Take Care of A Dog Taking care of dogs have many steps just like humans do. All dogs need things, such as food and a collar. They need toys to play with and to chew on. Dogs have to go to the vet for almost the same reasons why humans go to the doctor. All dogs have to be trained like humans have to be taught. Every dog needs companionship. There are many different breeds of dogs, but they are all taken care of basically the same. When an owner gets a dog, they have to buy the things the dog needs. Dogs need food so he/she can eat and bowls for the food and water to go in. The dog also needs a collar, leash, and dog tags or get the dog microchipped. The dog tags tell the animals name, where the animal lives, and the owners name and number. When they get the dog tags, they have to put them on the collar. A microchip goes under the skin between their shoulder baldes. If he/she gets lost or runs away and somebody finds the animal, they can locate the owner. A few other things a dog needs are dog shampoo, a dog brush, and toys. All dogs need to be groomed whether they do it or take him/her to get groomed. Toys are things the dog can play with. The toys also help him/her to not chew on the furniture or shoes. Big dog bones work better. However, that is just the beginning. The owner has to find the best local veterinarian clinic to take their anmial to. In order for the vet to see the dog, they have to make an appointment. When

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