How To Write A Humorous Wedding Speech By A Soccer Player

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Bruce, Thank you for your kind words. When we met last spring I was a little reluctant and not sure what to expect for my girls in joining your team. I had hoped that they would enjoy themselves and keep up their soccer skills. I had no idea how much they would blossom; as soccer players and as individuals. And I didn't realize how much they would truly enjoy themselves. You've brought out the best in my daughters and in the rest of those incredible, lovely and talented young athletes you've recruited. It was a difficult year for my girls without their dad. Being part of this incredible team of truly great girls and their supportive parents was a blessing. They had an opportunity to play, to test themselves and to shine. You are a good coach and a good man. Thanks for seeing in them what I've always believed about them.…show more content…
I'm sure that he was looking down and grinning from ear to ear when they scored their goals. I know that I
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